Responsible production is a given at Unibrands

Unibrands is a proud member of BSCI, and our factories strictly adhere to the standards set by BSCI/Amfori and Accord. Additionally, upon request, we produce with Öko-Tex and G.O.T.S. certifications.

When you choose to work with Unibrands, you can have peace of mind knowing that our production practices align with the principles of sustainability in the textile and fashion industry.

Our compliance staff ensures that when you work with Unibrands, your garments are produced in accordance with the latest requirements of BSCI/Amfori, Accord, and REACH.

Zero-tolerance in everything we do

Our production units and practices meet the latest standards of REACH, which means it is both safe for our employees, consumers and the environment. We work with a zero-tolerance policy in everything we do.

With Unibrands, you can trust that you are getting garments that are not only meeting your requirements to quality and details. The garments are also produces in safe and responsible production units, where we care for our employees and the environment.

Our ESG Responsibility

At Unibrands, our commitment to ESG responsibility is central to our work. We prioritize sustainability and ethical practices across the following:

Environmental Responsibility

We comply with EU's REACH legislation, which regulates the use of chemicals in our materials, ensuring that we maintain control over our chemical usage according to legislation.

As members of the ChemAct Network since 2020, we have the practices to identify, address and test for risk chemicals at component level in all our textile productions.

We test for any potential risk, to enhance traceability throughout our supply chain, and to be able to supply your garment according to the demands in the EU Green Deal, prior to the planned begin in 2026.

Social Responsibility

Unibrands has been a member of Amfori/BSCI since 2005. We collaborate with over 2.000 European companies, where we collectively take responsibility for the welfare of workers in our factories.

We focus on ethical sourcing practices, ensuring fair treatment, safe working conditions, and respect for workers' rights at our manufacturing sites. Our factory buildings are approved in accordance with the current standards set by the Accord organization.

Governance Responsibility

Our governance practices emphasize transparency and accountability in decision-making processes, aligning with international standards and best practices.

Unibrands' ESG team, comprised of five members strategically located in Europe, China, and Bangladesh, actively work on ESG, and we also engage external ESG consultants to provide expertise and insights.


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