We understand the challenges of garment production, and we take a proactive approach to identifying and addressing issues immediately as they arise. We have deep insights into waste management and know how to ensure a beneficial results.

Our factories will be fully transparent to you at any time. Needless to say, they all comply with the required standards for people, buildings, environment, and chemicals in garments. Please let us know which certificates you require. You will be impressed with our chemical testing scheme.

We are proud members of the ChemAct programme. This means you can have complete peace of mind knowing that our garments meet the highest safety and environmental standards, and that we are dedicated to sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices.

We know every possibility – and every challenge.

Why choose Unibrands?


Design & Construction

Our designers and constructors can help you visualize your ideas and make them happen within a realistic frame of work and budget. 


Whether you require fabric, yarn, or trims, we have the expertise and experience to provide you with the highest quality materials for your garment production needs.


We offer our clients the option to arrange standard terms with us in Bangladesh or to agree to individual credit terms through our European office.


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